03/08/2013: Blizzard!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Well, this was an absolutely crazy week! I always take Monday and Tuesday off to be with Mr. Virgo, but I usually get right back on here bright and early Wednesday morning. When I "quit" my job in December, I actually stayed on to do the clinical research, which is very part time. Wednesday was my day to go in and see patients so it was a 12 hour day. Thursday morning I took the Toyota in to have the tires changed. There was a shimmy in the front end that needed attention. The mechanic called me to say it needed new struts, shocks, brakes, oil change, and tires. All told, it would be over $1000 and I'd still have a car with over 122K miles on it. There is a Ford dealership next door so I told the guy not to do any work on the Toyota. I walked over and test drove a couple of cars and settled on a 2010 Expedition with 45K miles. Got a screaming deal, but that was definitely not what I was planning to do with my Thursday! The car scenario continued into Friday when I needed to take some of the Toyota's accessories and the spare key back to the Ford dealership. On my way back to the new car, I noticed a hex head screw in the left rear tire! Grrrrr. Two hours later and $17 and I was back on the road.

We have dubbed her The Queen Mary. She's HUGE! She sucks gas down to the tune of 18-19mpg. However, she will easily tow the used travel trailer we are anticipating buying in the next month. Mr. Virgo and I are dreaming of retirement so we are looking to get something that will take us into our golden years where we can have fun and relax. Poor guy is so exhausted when he gets home from work on Sunday nights (his Friday) that we really don't do much more than sit in front of the TV on his days off. We are NOT going to spend our retirement sitting in front of the TV. Hence, the trailer. I have a commitment to put him in the car Sunday night, head to the hills, and return on Tuesday afternoons. OK, there will be a TV in the trailer, I am sure, but at least we'll be doing something different! I can't wait to head out for long road trips!

We are experiencing a spring snow storm here in the Rockies today. It is this time of year that I itch to get outside in the sunshine, get my hands dirty, and warm my bones. It's fun to browse the Internet for that screaming deal on a used travel trailer and dream of days to come. Oh, and I do need to get some work done! I've been away from the bench for 6 days! Have a fabulous day, everyone!


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