1/15/2013: Deep Freeze!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

When I first wake up, I have a peek at the news and weather on my iPad. It's my "first cup of coffee". So imagine my dismay when AccuWeather said the temperature is -23 out there. Twenty-three degrees BELOW zero! Ok, I know it's January and I know it's the Rockies, but can someone please tell me why Mr. Virgo and I are not on a beach somewhere in Mexico? This is always the time of year when I wish I was anywhere but here. It's dark and cold and miserable. Mr. Virgo keeps telling me my dissatisfaction with winter is created by my state of mind. If I think of winter as a beautiful time of year filled with the warm low of the fireplace and the smells of comfort food wafting from the kitchen, I am bound to boost my spirits and get through the early months of the year feeling much better. Well, we don have a fireplace and the best thing I can make for dinner is reservations, so what's a gal to do? I think I am going to go on Google maps and take a little trip to the beaches of the Caribbean, crank the heat up, install airplane landing lights in my studio, and put a little umbrella in my hot cocoa. Ahhhh, maybe Mr. Virgo is right and I CAN get through this!


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