1/17/2013: Coffee!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

There is a group of ladies who have met for coffee for the last 20+ years...every Thursday morning...same little coffee house. They started meeting as friends with children the same ages, and even though the coffee house has changed owners at least three times, and their children have just about all left home for college or travels or jobs or marriage, these wonderful women continue to meet every week to share and laugh and support each other. I was truly blessed back in 2002 when I had my little needlework shop and would stop in for a coffee a couple times per week. I ran into them on their routine Thursday and they invited me to join them. I love these gals! They are brilliant, funny, loving, supportive, brave...just being around them makes me a smile a little brighter and feel a little braver about this new venture.

After coffee, it was errand day...change the oil, get a new battery, wash the car, then a trip to Lowe's to pick up a few things. I have a spring of a coleus plant that I have been dragging around for the last 7 years from house to house and never really gave it a proper home. I found a little vintage green flower pot at the thrift shop yesterday for 50 cents (it has a little crack) and today I picked up a bag of potting soil while I was out. Now, voila! The little sprig is planted and hopefully it will survive. You see, this little mite of a plant has very special meaning to me. I lost my mom 9 years ago next week and I have been missing her terribly this week. I picked this little cutting from a plant by her headstone. I wrapped it in a wet paper towel and drove all the way back to Colorado with it in a discarded McDonald's cup. When I got to Colorado, I did put some soil around it, but it never had a proper home. I have dragged it on three moves, each time vowing I would finally plant it. Then yesterday, I noticed the deep cold we have been having the last couple of weeks nearly killed my dear little plant as it sat on the kitchen window sill. It had to go into nice soil and a cute pot in a hurry! So, today when I got home, I filled my little planter with some sponge in the bottom for drainage and some good quality fertilized potting soil, and gently trimmed the dead bits away. I talked to my mom and asked to help me watch over this little plant that I have carted around for so long and to please make it flourish.

Yes, I miss my mom. But somehow, it is very comforting to have that little plant that came from so far away and grew in the earth over her.To have it sitting on my windowsill in my studio makes me feel closer to her somehow.


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