1/2/2013: Progress!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

After spending eight hours yesterday in the "disaster room", I have things pared down to a few boxes. I read a meme on Facebook the other day that said "We'll be old friends until we're old and senile. then we'll be new friends!" that's how I felt yesterday when I was going through boxes. Much of these items were leftovers from when I had my little needlework shop. Seeing the carefully chosen items I elected to keep made me itch to get my hands busy and create wonderful things. and now, my creative space is opening up before me with great promise of what is to come!

This is my quite place. I've hung lots of family photos and cross stitch pieces all around. Things that make me smile and want to do good things. Outside the expansive window, I can see the deer tracks through the freshly fallen snow. I have some great tunes on the iPad. The house is warm and cozy. And I have my vanilla latte fresh from the espresso maker Mr. Virgo thoughtfully bought for me so I wouldn't miss my morning stop at Starbucks. Now, bring on the day!


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