1/28/2013: Snow Day!

Monday, January 28, 2013
I love snow days! They are made even better when I don't have to go out in it. One of the pleasures of working from home is having two days off with Mr. Virgo. What a great guy! For those of you who don't know, I met him on I had been single for several years and was finally ready to put myself back out there. But I had been married for 20 years when my ex and I split up so I had no idea how to be in a relationship again. It was intimidating to think of having to go through the whole "get to know you" process all over again. Besides that, I was finally adjusted to life on my own; I wasn't sure I really wanted to trust my heart to another person. I did try dating locally, but I live in a very small town where everyone knows you and your business. It was difficult to find anyone that I could hold an intelligent conversation with. One of my friends encouraged me to try an online dating site. I was pretty leery of that. I had heard horror stories and I had a 15 year old daughter at home. My main duty was to protect her. Still, I missed the company of a nice guy to share dinner and a movie with. I joined a couple of dating sites and my dance card was full, but I just wasn't finding the quality man I wanted to spend any time with. My friend suggest I widen my search by 150 miles since we live in such a relatively remote area. The first guy that popped up took my breath away. He looked like Sean Connery! Silver hair, salt and pepper beard, and blue eyes that actually twinkled in the photo. He lived 150 miles away and that was a long way to date someone. I had dated a cowboy who lived that distance away it was very difficult. I looked at that handsome man's profile for three weeks and, I have to admit, with my self esteem still pretty low since the divorce, I wondered if a guy like that would have anything to do with me. Finally, I sucked it up and decided you can't win if you don't play. I sent a message and invited Mr. Virgo to look at my profile. I didn't hear back and after awhile, I figured either he wasn't interested or we lived too far away from each other. One day, four months later, I get an e-mail. Mr. Virgo had actually been in the process of moving within 50 miles of me, wanted to get settled in his new job so he would have time to devote to a relationship, and was I still interested? bet I was! But I made him jump through a dozen hoops before I would meet him in person. We e-mailed for six weeks before I would give him my phone number. Then it was another six weeks of nightly phone calls. Finally, I got a call at my little needlework shop and Mr. Virgo said he was in town doing some shopping and he wanted to come in to meet me in person. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweating. I really liked this guy. Would he like me after he saw me? As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. It was love at first sight! We had our first date the next day and we've been together ever since. (smile) I let you know another day how this handsome man got the nickname Mr. Virgo. In the meantime, it's a snow day and I have the next two days with my sweetheart!


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