1/31/2013: Survived January!

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Good Morning, Moon! I got into the studio at about 8:00 this morning because we had a power outage and how in the world could I work without latte?!?!? Well, that and light. Then the phone went out. Then the internet was all wonky. Then I opened the package I ordered online and the chain necklaces were way too short. I'm not crazy about the metal blanks I ordered either but I can adjust to that and make something else with them. I put the finishing touches on 40+ necklaces yesterday and now I need to buy more findings. I thought I had a whole bag but I must have used them up. Such is the life of an artisan, is it not?

I am also thrilled to announce, it is the last day of January!!! It seems I sit on the edge of my seat and grind my teeth till Spring bursts forth and this cold and snow is gone. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful out there today. The sun is shining and it's another blue-blaster Colorado winter day. We have been having heavy snowstorms every other day and that gets pretty old, pretty quick. Plus side? It IS good exercise!

Well, back to the bench! I hope you have a fabulous day!


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