1/7/2013: Junkin can make strange bedfellows!

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Well, it was a very busy day after all. I hit a few junk shops but unfortunately, we live in a touristy area of Colorado so nothing much is cheap. Also, some of the major hotels in Aspen are doing complete remodels and the junk/resale/Habitat for Humanity stores are chock full of very pricy things. One in particular caught my eye. My hubby (aka Mr. Virgo) used to work for the oldest hotel in Aspen and they are one of the big players doing a major remodel. When he worked there, he used to take a shift once or twice per month as Manager on Duty. When you are MOD, you have to stay a a really NICE suite! Since Mr. Virgo and I were dating at the time, it only seemed appropriate for him to invite me along to enjoy said suite. Did I say how BIG the bathtub is? Well, not to brag, but you could park yer John Deere in there and have room fer a heifer. Well, ok...maybe I exaggerate. Anyway, we used to stay in one particular suite that I liked. I noticed the antique bed had a missing piece of moulding right in the center. Added to the character of the room. The first night I stayed there, we had just got in bed, turned off the lights, and he said...softly..."You DO know Johnny Depp sleeps in this bed when he's in town, right?" WHAT?!?!?!? I jumped up out of there and marveled at the pillow where I just laid my head. I wanted to call all my girlfriends and my daughters and anyone else who would listen. I didn't. I went to bed and had dreams of Jack Sparrow. But I digress...sort of. When I went into the Habitat for Humanity store, what to my wondering eyes stood before me? Yes! Mr. Depp's bed! MY bed! Mr. Depp's and MY "not sleeping together" bed! Sigh. But I've got something even better than that! I got to sleep with Mr. Virgo in that bed and that's something I would NEVER give up in a million years! Not even for Johnny Depp!


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