2/5/2013: Growth

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
When you have built your website. When you have written your blog for a month. When you have sold some pieces. When you have developed a Facebook presence. Then you need to start marketing yourself. Get your name and your creations out there on the web. I have spent the last couple of days doing some of the most fun marketing I have ever done. I am cruising through Facebook looking for business sites that I like. Really like. Like enough that I would love for them to like my page back. I browse their pages, oooooh and aaaaaah over the beautiful things that I wish I had thought of, and I "like" their page. Then I write something nice regarding what I like about their page. I tell them where I am from, and I invited them to come to my page and look around. I ask them to "like" my page if they like what they see. I feel like I'm begging, but this is a networking idea that only costs time. And I am hoping to gain lots of new friends...not just fans on my FB page. I love what I do. Yesterday, I sat down with my coffee and worked on advertising for awhile. I had every intention of making Mr. Virgo a wonderful breakfast since he is off Mondays and Tuesdays. I "came up for air" and heard him in the kitchen rattling around and making his own breakfast. I felt really bad and told him so. He is so precious. He told me he is proud of me. I asked him why and he said because I am building a business. This isn't just a hobby anymore. I am taking this to the next level and I just love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I see the numbers go up on my FB page. I want to thank all my new followers for "liking" my page. I hope you are pleased and love what you see. I also home you will also take the time to view my website and see the kinds of things I make. Have a fabulous day! I will back at the bench tomorrow. Now, it is time to make pancakes for my sweetheart!


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