In March 2013, Mr Virgo and I decided life was too short to wait for retirement to have fun so we went out to buy a travel trailer. He always had a month off in the spring and a month in the fall and we thought we would get a jump on things and see the country up close and personal. I traded in the 4Runner for an Expedition. The following Tuesday dawned bright and crisp so we headed to Grand Junction to make our purchase.

     It was a beautiful day with a Colorado blueblaster sky. We held hands on the way to the dealership, laughing and talking about what kind of camper we wanted and where to go first. When we arrived, the salesman told us the units were all unlocked and to just browse till we had questions. As we stood in the fourth one, my sweet, sweet husband had a heart attack. Even though we rushed him to the very best hospital in record time, there was nothing they could do to save him and within two hours...he was gone.

     Two weeks later, I was in Denver with my kids for Spring Break and they asked me what I wanted to do. I told them we were going to go buy a travel trailer as planned...and I did! It was much smaller than the one Mr. Virgo and I had originally looked at, but it was plenty big enough. The grandchildren helped me pick out one with bunk beds so they could come along with me. Once the snow had melted and Colorado was firmly ensconced in Spring, I took off by myself for a three month odyssey to begin my grief journey. I circled Colorado twice and added a family trip to Mt. Rushmore at the end of summer. 

     I began this blog as a journal to share my experience with others. We women get left. Our kids grow and leave us. We may be divorced. Our partners may die. This Grief Journal is my way of helping others through what is a very confusing and painful life experience. It is also a gift of others as well as myself. It is also a journey of growing in Faith as I became closer to God on this path. I hope you will follow along as I pick up the gems that are left in the flames.